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10 reasons you need a Farm Stay Hot Tub Break in 2024

5 minutes
Arnprior Farm, Stirling

1. Stress!

The ultimate stress relief has to be sitting back in a hot tub for a good soak and just gazing into the beyond. Nothing but the sound of bubbles bubbling, birds chirping and the occasional bleat of a new lamb to remind you, you chose a top-notch getaway on a farm.

2. Celebrate!

Nothing says party pad like a hot tub. If you’re throwing a thirtieth birthday party for a loved one, helping your favourite hen prepare for her big day or going all out for a special anniversary, a hot tub is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood! Some of our farm stays with hot tubs can accommodate large party get togethers in spectacular properties. 

3. Sleep!

Much like a lovely warm bath, hot tubs are known to promote a good night’s sleep so if your reason for getting away to a farm in Scotland is to catch up on much needed zzzzzzz, then put a hot tub at the top of your search list.

Lennox of Lomond, Argyll


4. Recovery!

Top athletes swear by cosy hot tub bubbles to help them get recover from a hard session. If you’re planning a trip with added activities then a hot tub is a must! If you’re on a farm the choice of activities round about is endless but however you choose to spend your days, a hot tub will be the ultimate treat for your nights.

5. Pain!

We’re no doctors* but even a short stint in the hot tub can provide temporary relief from pain. If it’s your neck, your back, your joints or muscles that are causing you discomfort a wee dip in the hot tub could be just what you need on your farm stay holiday.

*Always seek advice from your doctor before using alternative treatments!*

6. Beauty!

The steam from a hot tub is perfect for opening up your pores and ridding your skin of impurities. Wash your face straight after your hot tub sesh to rinse them away completely and brace yourself because when you return from your farm stay, everyone is going to tell you how great you look!

Balnab Farm, Dumfries & Galloway

7. Work it!

We might be stretching this a bit, but research has shown that sitting in a hot tub actually burns calories due to the hot water making your heart rate rise! While 20 minutes in the hot tub is *probably not a substitute for exercise, this is still a brilliant benefit!

*definitely not

8. Health!

The rise in heart rate (see above) can also regulate and lower blood pressure which means maintaining a healthy blood flow, better circulation and more oxygen, which means feeling less tired, less toxins and a healthier heart! Couple that with staying on a farm in Scotland, you’ll be skipping back home when the time comes.

9. Socialise

If you’re in a hot tub, enjoying a fantastic farm stay in Scotland, you’re probably not using an electronic device or staring at a screen. Use this time to connect with your loved ones, have the conversations you don’t have time for at home and make plans for your next amazing adventure (and make sure it includes a hot tub and a farm!)

Springfield Farm Bothies, Fife

10. Luxury!

In the words of Tommy Shelby – because we can! Who doesn’t deserve a little luxury now and again?

Life is short and sometimes pleasures seem few and far between so treat yourself and the people you love to something special.

Take a look at the selection of Farm Stays with Hot Tubs from our favourite Scottish agritourism farms.

Go Rural Farm Stays with Hot Tubs


A reminder about the safe use of hot tubs: Hot tubs should always be used responsibly and all responsible accommodation providers should provide full instructions for safe use of hot tubs. Make sure you read and use any guidelines provided for your own safety and for those staying with you.

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