Fearn Farm, Dornoch Firth


The Scott family have farmed on the Dornoch Firth for four generations. Fearn farm’s diverse soil types make it ideal for a mixed farming business of which sheep are a mainstay. The Scotts produce lamb using the most sustainable modern methods, prioritising a diet of grass and forage crops.

Their flocks at Tain and another farm in Sutherland comprise the well-loved Cheviot and Cheviot-cross ewes - a native breed originating from the Cheviot Hills which straddle the Scottish Borders and Northumberland providing excellent meat as well as wool - and Aberfield and Texel-crosses, which bear sturdy lambs with plenty of lean meat and thrive on a diet of grass.

Fearn Farm has two new and beautifully furnished holiday properties, the Mill and the Wee End, which are ideal for families and groups of friends.

The Mill at Fearn Farm


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