Venison is the lowest in fat of all the red meats and one of the most nutritious.  A staple of the Scottish diet in years gone by, these attributes have widened its appeal and brought venison to the attention of modern day consumers. 

The nutritional values of Scottish farmed venison can be largely attributed to natural diets of grass and vegetation and because it is farmed, you can be assured that it is reared to the highest standards of health with consistent flavour and quality.


The island of Mull is a hugely popular holiday choice for nature-lovers and it is here that the Corbetts run their farm and holiday business at Lochbuie on the island’s south shores.

The Corbetts sell venison from the island’s wild deer and a range of their own meat, including Scotch Lamb. They run a shop and café, serving fresh food to the local population and visitors and delivering to guests at the farm’s self-catering cottages. Flora Corbett helped establish a food trail promoting Mull, Iona and their surrounding islands.

Lochbuie Cottages


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