Pork is the most commonly consumed meat world wide and our Scottish farmers have got pork production down to a fine art. When you Go Rural for a farm stay, you're likely to be offered pork products from the farm as a key component of a breakfast pack in the form of bacon, Lorne sausage, link sausage or black pudding.

In addition to traditional pork products and pig rearing, it's becoming increasingly popular to rear smaller herds of pigs on Scottish farms and farm producers have diversified their produce to include cured meats such as salami, chorizo, pepperoni, air-dried ham or artisan burgers and pies. 


Louise and Ahren of Louise’s Farm Kitchen are purveyors of outstanding pork from outdoor-reared saddleback pigs as well as beef, lamb and free range chickens from their farm, Milton of Auchinhove, near Banchory, in the north east of Scotland.

They sell at pop-up farm shop days, farmers’ markets, online and via a monthly delivery service and their menu includes seasoned pork mince, ribs, sausages and Italian-style bacon. They also provide outside catering in the form of hog roasts and barbecues and have recently launched a private butchery service. 

Louise's Farm Kitchen


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