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Tiny Homes Borders, Scottish Borders

If you’re planning a summer break in Scotland, why not make it camping or glamping on a farm in Scotland? There are lots of farms with pods, pitches, tents and lodges to suit all budgets and tastes.

Here are 10 of our reasons to Go Camping and Glamping on real Scottish farms!


Mains Farm Wigwams, Stirlingshire

1. It’s a farm!

When you camp or glamp on a farm, you have a unique opportunity to meet the farmer and learn about their lives and the land that they farm.  What kind of farm is it? How long has the family farmed there? How many animals are there and how are they looked after? Some farmers will be able to give you a wee tour so you can meet the animals and even feed and groom them.

2. Connect with nature

Who doesn’t love the sound of the countryside slowly stirring to life in the morning? Soft moos, distant baaas, birds tweeting, the rustle of a breeze in the trees.

Camping or glamping is your ticket to the great outdoors and on a farm, there are so many wonderful sights and sounds to behold at all hours of the day. Be sure to take a walk and take it all in!

Ruberslaw Wild Woods Camping, Scottish Borders

3. Eat Fresh Food

You might be able to buy produce from the farm so you’ll know exactly where it came from and how it was reared or grown. Choose fresh meat for a BBQ, veggies for lunch, soft fruits for dessert and eggs for breakfast.

4. Spot the Wildlife

Farms in Scotland work hard on their environmental credentials and improving biodiversity on their farms so there will be lots of wildlife to spot.

When it comes to keeping the kids amused, farms and nature are the perfect setting for letting imaginations run wild. To add more structure, you can try Bird Bingo – how many different kinds of birds can you spot? Do a scavenger hunt or create some natural art.

Alvie & Dalraddy Estates - Dalraddy Holiday Park, The Highlands

5. Exercise

Take it easy, you’re on your holidays after all, but if you need a getaway that’s fit for the purpose of being fit, a camping or glamping stay on a Scottish farm is perfect.

It goes without saying country walks are a huge draw to staying on a farm. You can ask your hosts where’s good for a wee wander or a longer walk or run; they’ll know all the routes and you can go for miles if you want to.

There are farm stays near Munroes for the more adventurous and some with onsite activities to keep you moving throughout your stay including horses riding, cycling and water sports!

Plus, farms are spacious. Perfect for finding a private spot for a work out.

6. Be Unique

Depending on your group and their needs there are several farm glamping stays in Scotland that will tickle your inner child, delight your actual children and make for some pretty unique holiday snaps.

If a shepherd’s hut or gypsy caravan is not quite quirky enough, try a converted bus, shipping container or helicopter. Guaranteed to make jaws drop and Instagram pop.

The Bus Stop, East Lothian

7. Sleep Well

Being out in the fresh air has numerous benefits but a favourite is the amazing sleep you get when there’s just a layer of canvas separating you from the night sky.

Farms with camping and glamping lend themselves to great sleep because away from cities and towns they’re dark, quiet and when you’ve been breathing in clean fresh air all day long, it’s easy to cosy in close your eyes and drift off to dream of tomorrow’s adventures.

8. Unplug

Staying away from cities and towns and holidaying on a Scottish farm is a perfect chance to go off grid (if you choose to). No internet, no socials, no telly, just you and a good book, a board game or a pack of cards and your day dreams.

Relax. Let the kids play outdoors. Cook and eat your meals outside. Have an early night under the stars. Your mental health will thank you and you can thank us later!

The Arns Glamping Pods, Stirlingshire

9. Luxury Your Way

The luxury part of camping and glamping depends on your own definition of the word. Just being away with family and friends for a few nights away can be a luxury in itself but the variety of camping and glamping stays on Scottish farms means you’ll find options with king size beds, hot tubs, wood burners, prepared meals to order and even your own private lochan!

10. Magical Memories

The best thing about getting away – whether its solo travelling or as a couple or in a group, is the memories you make. Guaranteed to warm you up in the winter when you’re yearning for your next Scottish farm stay! Grab your nearest and dearest and Go Rural. When you look back years to come, that time you stayed on the farm, fed the goats, collected eggs for breakfast, sat around the firepit and saw the sunrise over the field will trump all the rest.




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