There are lots of farms in the Highlands but most are significantly smaller than you'd find elsewhere in Scotland, both in terms of area and the number of animals a farmer keeps.  Crofts, which are small pieces of agricultural land are more common in the Highlands (and Islands), than in any other area of Scotland and crofting is an integral part of life in the area; it is steeped in community cultures and traditions. 

Of course on Highland farms, you'll find Highland cattle, with their distinctive horns and the long shaggy coats that help them to withstand the cooler temperatures of the north. Bred primarily for beef, the cattle have migrated south over time and you'll even find them abroad, but there is something pretty special about seeing Highland cattle in their native habitat. 

Avielochan Cottages, Aviemore


In the Highlands, you'll find a some pretty unique farm stays on cliff tops and crofts. Treat yourself to a distillery day trip and book accommodation near by so you can make the most of your samples! There's fresh food and drink in abundance, gorgeous beaches, golf courses and lots of history to enjoy. 

Highland farmers are waiting to welcome you and will only be too happy to tell you about their farms and 

For food and drink, local black pudding, made to traditional Highland recipes is delicious as well as locally produced caboc cheese and oatcakes and venison, full of flavour from grazing on rolling hills of heather and herbs.


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